Rent to Own

  • Pay over time for the things you need
  • No credit check and no penalty for early pay off.
  • Very flexible path to ownership with 2-4 year contracts

The Barnyard is pleased to offer a Rent-To-Own solution for our customers. A rent-to-own solution provides storage or other outdoor structures at about the same cost (per square foot) as renting an offsite storage unit. However, unlike offsite storage services, every payment is moving you toward ownership.

Rent to own is for “temporary” structures to include: Gazebos under $6k, Equine Structures, Playhouses, Storage Sheds & Poly Furniture.


Financing is available for Swing sets, Chicken Coops, and build on site structures. We can do financing for almost anything while rent to own is a more limited group.

  • Instant approval in person or online
  • Lowest cost of ownership
  • Fixed APR, fixed payments
  • Traditional loan
  • Best for build on site sheds and larger projects